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Could anyone please tell me what love is?
It s easy for me to spell it, to say it.. l o v e.
But what is love exactly?

I only know that love is a thing that I used to avoid, tho I never know what it is.
I guess I was too scared to have it, so I used to runaway from it.

Then it came a time, when I thought I had it in my life.
It seemed so real at t first time.
Just when I wanted to hv commitment in my life, to settle, to change myself, and there it came!

Voila, I was so happy for having it! Well, at least, for several years.
But then, apparently, it s nt like what I thought it was. It s over.

Now, I ve realised that it s nt right.
I mean my ideas to have it in my life before.

Hmm, I wonder abt other ppl.
How did they find their loves?
Why does it seem easy for them to find love?
How do they know abt it?
So many questions in my mind..

I know love will find me.
As I ve been told by someone that ‘when it hits you, it hits you’.

When is my turn then? šŸ˜€

I wish if love find me, it would be like a parable about wings.

Well, there s a story abt a young man who asks an old guy which one is more important, is it ‘to be loved’ or ‘to love’?
And t old guy answers, ‘which one is more important: the right wing or the left wing’?

So I guess,, when it comes, I wish I ll be loved by him and I ll love him as well.

Hmm, that ll be wonderful šŸ™‚

*written w t spinning head
H. Prima Cirebon, 12 Sept 2012.


Author: bettsi

I am who I am for a reason.

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