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Is it silly?

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Is it silly when you care about someone/others though you never met them?

Well, for me, yes, but I always do it.
I know it’s weird for caring others, meanwhile I hardly know them. I just know that everybody is a good person, including him.

It’s kinda frustrated at the first time, but then, I realised that there is no coincidence in this life.
I think God put him in my life so he can help me and I might do the same thing. It did happen. I’m grateful for it.

Though we have different values about friendship, I know he’s a good friend. But now, I guess that’s the reason why I should end it. Felt so sad, but this is the best thing to do.

Hmm, I remember that I always pray to God so I can do good things like He does. And perhaps this one of those good things that He wants me to do, though I think it’s silly 😀

Well, it doesn’t matter whether it’s silly or not, I just enjoy in doing it. It’s okay for me. I do what I think it’s right.

And if things don’t run well, that’s fine, as long as I still do the good things, no matter what.

Guess what, it’s fun for being silly, for being myself!

So, welcome to my silliness and hope you enjoy it 🙂



Author: bettsi

I am who I am for a reason.

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