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Heart & Brain

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‘Follow your heart and bring your brain with you’

‘You have brain in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose’

What is all about the brain and the heart thing?

When we have to decide something, we usually say that we will follow our hearts, and not forget to bring our brains as well. But is it true? I mean are we really can do it? Decide everything based on our hearts and bring our brains along?

Well, basically, as a human being, when we’re in the edge for deciding something, actually we can’t think clearly. We can’t differentiate which one comes from heart, brain or even the mixture of both.

Sometimes our hearts say ‘YES’ and our brains say ‘NO’, but because we want it so much and we insist that it’s the right thing to do, so we forget to bring our brains along. We just simply follow our hearts, because it’s the only thing that we want to do, it’s the only thing that occupy our hearts, minds and souls. We ignore everything that does not support our desire. We deny all the facts, all the truth, that showed us that what we think it’s right, eventually it’s not right.

I’ve been in this position for several times, and I know that some people have the same experiences as well. The quote seems simple, but it’s not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re using your heart more than your brain or vice versa, in which most of time, the result can turns out to be the bad one, because you’re only seeing one side, not the whole package.

I remember that my friend told me that I have to have the same wisdom level as Dalai Lama, so I can find out which voice that I should follow or think about, is it my heart or my brain or perhaps both. He’s only joking, but if so, it will takes time, a long one …. 😀

I know I’m still not good at it. But the main important thing that I can learn from this ‘heart and brain’ is we have to be responsible for every single thing that we do, whatever the result is, good or bad. We shouldn’t blame others, the universe, fate or whatsoever, for the bad results that happen, because it is us who decide and do everything, not all of those things. They are like tools for us, so we can know all the possibilities what might be happened.

It is simply because we’re the perfect creation that God has made and we are the resemblance of His image. He has blessed us with intelligence and mind, also shows us many ways with its consequences, so it’s all up to us …


Author: bettsi

I am who I am for a reason.

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