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day 1, a journey to the paradise

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25.09.2012, 8.27 PM

Since I got assignment to Surabaya and fortunately, there’ll be holiday, a long weekend, that’s what we called it, so I decided to go to Bali after the hustle bustle of the assignment.

As I wanted to be a spontaneous person, so I looked for the way to go there, in the afternoon.
I asked a travel agent staff to find a way. Apparently, all the flights, travel cars, and trains were fully-booked!

Oh mannn, I got confused and worried, whether I could go there or not. I googled ‘mobil travel surabaya ke denpasar’, it showed some sites. I called several travel cars office, but it’s also fully-booked. Then, I read a blog about a travel car to Denpasar, I called the person, and hooray! I got the seat!

The man, later on I knew his name is Mr. Yahya, said that I’ll go there by car, Elf. He said that the driver will picked me up at 6 PM. I waited for the car, but it never shown up. Then the driver called me that he couldn’t picked me up, because he’s using MINI BUS! Oh well, I had to meet him in other place.

My uncle drove me there. At first, I got so scared, because I didn’t see another passengers. It’s only me! I didn’t want to experience bad thing. I asked my uncle to accompany me. I think I’m so paranoid 😀

Well, the driver guy and his friend are nice people. Even my uncle talked about business with the other guy. Sorry for judging them by their appearances.

There came 2 other guys. Hooray! Many people in the house!


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