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day 2, it’s all about the paradise

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1.40 AM, Besuki.

A long journey. I fell asleep, we’re already in Besuki. I’ve no idea where it is.

The bus is stopping in a restaurant, RM Setia. We’re supposed to have a meal here. But since it’s 1.40 AM in the morning, nobody wakes up and wants to eat.

Well, I will go to the restaurant. I wanna go to the toilet.

Apparently, some of the passengers go out of the bus and have a meal.

I also did it. Actually I’m looking for a hot meal. I want to eat soto ayam, but unfortunately there is no soto ayam. So I took rice and fried chicken, also a glass of hot tea, that’s the most important thing!

I want to arrive soon in Denpasar, but the driver is still outside. We have to wait for him.

A man asked money for the tickets. The first man, Mr. Yahya, texted me it will be 165k, but this man asked me to give him 170k.
I didn’t want to argue, so I just gave him the money.

2.20 AM

We continue our journey.

4.20 AM, Ketapang

We arrive at Ketapang.

4.51 AM

Inside the ferry.



5.52 AM

Across the sea.

9.26 AM, Ubung, Denpasar

I slept all the way, so tired, and finally Denpasar! Yay!

I stopped at Terminal Ubung, went to Padang Restaurant.
I was so starving. I ordered rendang, rice, vege and sambal, also ice tea.

Hmm, I’m full now and ready for another trip.

After Aput picked me up at the restaurant, then we went to her house. I took bath, she ate lunch.
She picked Yus up somewhere.

Lala wanted to join us to Padang Bai, he waited near Taman Safari.
Lisa was there too.

12.49 PM
There are three cars, 5 persons. We’re heading to Padang Bai. Hooray!

1.30 PM, Padang Bai.
We arrived at Padang Bai. Then to Bloo Lagoon.

We rented a package of snorkeling gear for 40k.


We rented 2 sunbeds (20k).

I drank a glass of orange juice (7k) and Lala drank a small bottle of cold beer (18k) from Warung Shanti.

I swam and got hit by big wave, so my knee hurt because the coral reef. Ouch.

I’m hungry. I’m going to eat now 😀

(Hmm, I’m in the beach again, and still without you…)

After we changed our clothes, we went back to Padang Bai. We looked for a homestay. We asked every inn here and finally we found the cheapest homestay, MADE HOMESTAY. Aput bargained with the owner. It will cost us 150k per room, without breakfast. Well, it’s cheap, we only have to pay 50k per person. Yay!

6.28 PM, Papa John’s Cafe, Padang Bai.

We’re hungry, so we want to hv dinner now.

I ordered chip n fish (30k), orange juice (12k).

After a heavy meal, we walked around the beach to find out which one is Babilon Cafe. A woman said that we can have live music there. We found the place, it’s not Babilon Cafe which will have live music. It’s a small cafe, next to it, Kinky Reggae Bar.
The bartender said it will start at 8.30 PM.

Since it’s still more than 1 hours to go, so we went back to the homestay, to clean ourselves up.

Lisa didn’t join us to stay a night, because she will have a painting class in the morning.

9.30 PM

We curious about the live show, so we go to that bar.
But it seems so spooky, because there are few guys who wanted to talk with us, we felt so uncomfortable. Then we cancelled our plan to go there.

We walked again, and we decided to have drinks in a cozy cafe, Ozone.



I ordered a cup of hot tea, because my sorethroat is getting worse. Also pizza, Diovala (55k). It contains of tomato, salami and onion rings. Delicious.

You know, there’s a funny sign in front of the toilet.

It closed at 11 PM, so we went home, I mean to the Made Homestay.
The sky is so clear. A beautiful moon, surrounded by stars. It still remains me of him. Oh well..


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