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day 3, still in the paradise

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6 AM, Bali Time

We walked by the beach.
Still quiet.
I guess everybody still asleep.

The beach here is not beautiful. I’ve seen many beaches, and I guess I didn’t recommend this beach to see. Dirty. I guess maybe it’s only for snorkeling, well, it’s not on this beach either.

After the walk, then we went back to the homestay. Morning call! Aput and Yus go out first again.
I couldn’t find them, so I go to Pandawa Rest, to have breakfast.

This time, I order a hot milk and noodle!

8.30 AM
After packing, then we’re ready to go to Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach.

But we stopped by at Topi Inn, to see its room.
It’s unique, and with low budget, around 50k for dormitory, 100k for a room, 300k for a family room. Live music will be on Mon – Thursday, 9 PM.

Perhaps, someday, we can stay there.

10.30 AM

After about more than 1 hour, we arrived at Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach.
It’s in Bebandem, Amlapura district, if I’m not mistaken.
There’s a funny sign in the parking lot.
It made us laugh.

It’s very hot!
we’re looking for sunbed, and we choose sunbeds in front of a restaurant.

Me and Aput order 2 young coconuts.

The beach is beautiful. I love the color. Waves are big recently, we swam, but then we got hit by the waves,
it feels like the wave push us and then it pull us to come with it to the ocean
I got panic, because it rolled me.

Hmm, we ‘re only swimming for a while. And here I am again, beach … still without you.

2 PM
We re going home
Im so sleepy

3.00 PM
Massage time at Aput’s house.

6.00 PM
we’re going to spend this night at Kuta.
We had dinner first, then KARAOKE!

11 PM
We met Lisa at Bali Deli.
We re going to a gay bar! Its name is Facebar.
We want to see the drag queens.
I have no idea what it is, so it’s excited me.

Then here come the DRAG QUEENS. And other performances. It’s shocked me.
I mean I never watched this kind of show. I felt sad for them, because I think they’re becoming a show for us, the spectators. But then, I saw their happy faces for giving the best performances, so I guess I’m happy for them.
Because they can be whatever they want, just the way they are.

1.39 AM
We’re leaving
It’s late. I’m so tired and sleepy.
And the moon is so beautiful (still reminds me of you). I guess it ended my night here in Bali.
I had a great time!


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