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Coming home. Mom’s house.

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13-11-2012 & 14-11-2012

We arrived here at midnite, after a long and tiring journey for about 4,5 hours. It’s always be an exciting moment for me to be here, though I don’t really remember my childhood memories. I went here 3 years ago, such a long time.

I only remember the last couple years I had with my grandparents when I had chances to visit them during my duty around here.

It’s really sad because I can get to know them better when they’re old and sick. I admired their strengths when they’re facing bad times during their old-age.

Well, before my grandma passed away, the doc said that my grandma has suffered skin tumor and later on, it became into skin cancer. I couldn’t forget her spirit to get well. She asked everybody and tried any treatments just to cure it, but we couldn’t fulfil 1 her wish, to get treatments abroad. Because at that time, my family thought it’s gonna be useless, since the disease is getting worst.

I remember one day. When I was here and wanted to go back to Jakarta. My grandma prayed for me and she also said that she wished God will take her life away, because she said that it’s enough for her to live in this world. I cried, but I didn’t want her to see it, so I just wiped it.

Then about grandpa. During his old-age as well, he got an accident, and it made him losing one of his legs. I remembered that he’s trying hard to keep doing his activities with one foot. He asked us to buy him ‘peg leg’. We tried to give him the light peg leg, but before we could buy it for him, God took him. He likes to eat KFC, so when I was here, I always bought us some fried chickens. But when we couldn’t eat it all, he just gave it to Bruno, his fav dog 😦

I couldn’t forget those memories. It always make me sad, but that’s the only things I had with them.

Sometimes, I felt so stupid, because whenever I faced bad situations, I always feel so frustrated, meanwhile them…they still have faith in God and keep moving forward.

God, I miss them.

And this house. It’s a nice house. My friends told me that they loves this house, when they had a chance to stay here for a night.

Well, it’s a friendly house. Though it’s located near the big road, but the inside of the house is so peaceful. We still have pets here, dogs, chickens, birds, even there is one little turtle. I guess it runs in the family,, pets 😀 Mas Iwan is the one who take care of the pets, since he’s the only person who stays there.


My grandma used to have a kiosk in front of the house, so sometimes when I was here, I was helping here to wait for it. It’s fun! I’m the seller 🙂

In front of the house, there is a church, so on specific time, especially on Sunday, we can hear the bells.

I love this place!

Ah, I didn’t have a chance to eat my childhood snacks here, ‘pohul-pohul’ and ‘godok-godok’, but I ate noodle, ‘mie simpang empat’, my fav noodle here.

Well, that’s enough.
It’s time to go to Toba Lake! Yay!

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