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Toba lake

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After 2 hours, then we arrive here. Toba Lake!



We’re going to visit my grandparent’ cemetery, then stay one night in Tuk Tuk.

It’ll be a great time, because it’s my family holiday. The 9 of us, plus uncle Moan. This is the first family trip in North Sumatra with the little kids, so my dad is very exciting about it.

Me? I’m exciting too, and sleepy. Still feel tired :-/

12 PM
We’re going to across the lake, to go to the Samosir Island.
Putri and Vio are so exciting, this is the first time for them to go on a ferry.

There are few local kids who are swimming in the lake and waiting for us to throw coins to them. They will dive just to collect it. It’s fun! Putri and Vio are enjoying it.


1.10 PM
We arrive at Samosir Island.

We have lunch at Carolina Hotel. Actually we want to stay there, but it’s fully booked, so we were only have lunch. I heard it costs less than 200k. It’s good for backpackers, I guess 😀

Pa’s looking for a hotel, then he booked rooms for us at Silintong Hotel. It’s expensive for a room like it, 450k. Not recommended.


After we unloaded the bagages, we go out again to Tomok. We want to buy some souvenirs, well, my sis in law and mom bought some.

I can find godok-godok here, so I buy it.
Manggos! My mom bought it, 2 kg! Just for me. Hehe.

I’m really enjoying this trip 🙂

6.30 PM
We wake up early, want to see the morning view.
Fresh air. We can’t have it in Jakarta, rite? It’s so refreshing 🙂

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