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A few days ago, I was talking to my friend about an artist who is going to get married this December.

The main issue was not about the marriage, but it’s about the length of her relationship. She met her boyfriend in Oct and they’re going to get married in Dec.

I wonder about the quality of their relationship. Well, for me, marriage is a big issue, so we should think about it seriously, and it shouldn’t be decided in a short time.

But my friend said that perhaps she’s ready, so she doesn’t need more time to think about it. Unlike me 😀

Then these questions across my mind.
When is the time for us, for me, to be ready?
Is there any measures for us, so we know that we are ready?
How do we know that we’re ready for something?

Well, I’m not only talking about ready to get married, but ready for everything.

Last night, at the gala dinner, out of nowhere, I pushed myself to sing at the stage. I wasn’t ready for it. I thought that it’s time for me to test my guts. To sing in front of people! Phew. I never done it before and I wanted to try. Voila! I sang in front of people, at the stage! Kewl 😀

I know that it’s not the same with ready to get married.

But speaking about ready or not to do something, I guess there’ll always be some excuses that tell ourselves that we’re not ready.

Hmm, I have this conclusion.
I think it’s not about ready or not, but it’s more about whether we are willing or brave enough to take the first step.

So, do you have guts to take the first step? Do I have guts? 😀

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