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Christmas is in the air!

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It’s Dec already.
The month of Christmas.
Even we’re celebrating it now 🙂

The orphanage ministry held a Christmas Party, the theme is “Save the Earth Christmas 2012”

1st Dec

It’s a great event, because there are 160 kids from 3 orphanages who join the party.

The kids and the volunteers are divided into several groups. Then we have to make things by using some used stuffs.

I join group 3. Since we get the Santa Claus outfit and some used stuff such as boxes, banner, so we want to make a Santa’s house. And Don will wear the outfit. He’ll become the Santa Claus.



Apparently, there are two Santa’s outfit, so an orphanage boy wear it. It’s funny, because it looks so loose on him.


Group 1 gets a christmas tree. So they decorate it with the used stuffs.


It’s been a long time I haven’t join this ministry again. So it feels like I’m lost in space. But lucky me, I can meet Ester, Rahel and Berliana. It’s like a reunion for me. Thanks to them 🙂


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