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Trip 2013

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It’s tiring, but fun!

Take off at 8.30 AM, to Kuala Lumpur.

Then have to wait until 2.45 PM, head to Saigon!!


We took a bus from the airport, until Phan Nga Loi St, then we’re looking for Lofi Inn Saigon.
It’s a cheap inn for us, the backpackers!!


After dinner, it’s bo vien, we go to the Bent Tham Market.
A long road. Tiring.

Aput, Yus and Srike bought some souvenirs. Me too :-/

And since I always want to try local food, so I bought this kind of snack. I have no idea about its name. Not delicious either. It costs 30k VND.


And finally, we’re going back to our inn.
Stop by at Allez Boo.
I can’t believe it.
The alcohol is cheaper than choco milkshake.

Srike bought Saigon beer.
Her friend told her that it’s a good beer, but she doesn’t like it.


And me? I want to drink hot choco actually, but I can’t find it here.
I buy fresh coconut then, it’s cheaper!! Haha.


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