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A short visit to the elephants’ conservation 

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I’ve been to this city for several times, but never had a chance to visit the conservation. 

So after we finished our tasks here, we went to the conservation. 

My imagination is playing in my mind. Perhaps it will be like in Africa, where we can see the elephant in the wilderness. I was so excited! 

But then, I can’t say that it’s a pleasant journey to go there. Well, the road is bumpy, and such a long one. 

Then finally, we reached the elephant’s pool, where they usually take a bath. But unfortunately, we’re late. We arrived at 4 pm, and the bath time was at 2-3 pm. We missed it!

Where are the elephants? Is it gonna be like in Africa? Argh, no, it’s not. They’re tight up with chain. What?! Why?! I felt sorry for them.

The baby is sleeping. So cute! 

Then I move to other place. Some elephants are there.

Well, though it’s not like what I imagine, but I’m so happy to see this. I love the combination of the sky, land, all God’s creatures! I love you, God :*


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