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What went wrong?

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Actually I always ask this question to myself when I couldn’t find any answers for what happen in my life. 

Until 2 months ago, when my hairstylist found out that I’m still single at this age, she asked me that. What went wrong? Haha. I dunno. You tell me. Rofl.  

Then, when I was in Zurich, there’s a guy who asked me whether I’m married or not, and I told him that I’m still single. He suddenly asked, “Why?” I couldn’t help myself, but laughed. I just said, “I dunno. Perhaps nobody likes me.” 

Then that question came again. What went wrong? Haha.

And last Tuesday, I met a friend. He told me that his wife, who’s eventually my friend as well, wants to divorce him. At this time, I was the one who asked him, “Why? What went wrong?”

See!?  Do you get what I mean? That ‘what-went-wrong’ question will always comes up every time we are curious about our lives or other people’s lives, though we know that there’s no answers for it.   

To the couples who are still not having children after so many years of marriage. To the parents whom their sons or daughters are alcohol or drugs addict. And many more.

I have no problem with that question. But how about other people? 

We just say it without thinking whether it will hurt their feelings or not. It will be spoken out from our lips directly.

Well, I guess it’s a lesson for me, for you, for us. People has their own battles, and if we can’t help them to solve it, we better not say that ‘what-went-wrong’ question to them.

Just show our empathy, and don’t ask them with that silly question.

What went wrong? Errr, not again 😂


Author: bettsi

I am who I am for a reason.

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