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Questioning my prayers

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Since I was a little girl, my parents always tell me to bring all our needs in prayers. In most of times, I can see its power.

But then, for me, there’s a time, when I feel that my life’s miserable. It is simply because things that I pray for, it doesn’t happen like I want it to be.

It feels like my world turns upside-down. And I just wonder, “Where are you, God? You said that I can ask anything in prayers, but You didn’t make it comes true.”

So I keep crying, till my eyes are getting big like a fish. Haha.

Anyway, then I started to question my prayers. What’s the use of it? Should I continue my prayers? Or just let everything happens as it is?

#me, wondering about prayers, during my tour of duty


Author: bettsi

I am who I am for a reason.

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