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If you’re in a relationship, so what? 

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So there’s one day, when a friend of mine, a man, was contacted me and we talked about many things. And since he has just got married, I congratulated him. We had a fine normal conversation.

Then he started to tease me for being single. At first, I was still okay with it and even we discussed it. And apparently, it’s getting annoying. He discussed about our conversations with his wife, and his wife started to interfere it. Oh well, they’re becoming a pain in the ass. #sorry for my bad language

And now, it happened again. It turns out to be my sister. We’re talking about our cousin who has a boy friend now. And the way she talked about it, it’s like another pain in the ass for me (since she’s already a boy friend).#ooopppssss

Let’s put it this way.

So you are married or you have a boy or a girl friend or whatever. Then what?

It seems that if you’re in a relationship, you are better than me? Better than all singles in this world?

Hellooooo. How come you think that way? Being in a relationship doesn’t make you better than me. No.

Your status has changed, but you’re still you. It doesn’t change who you are in the beginning. Just because I’m less fortunate than you for not having that special person yet, it doesn’t mean you’re in top of me. No, you’re not.

You ever been a single before, and it might happens to you again. So stop for being a pain in the ass. 


Author: bettsi

I am who I am for a reason.

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