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I wrote this because I had a conversation before with my friend. 

It started with my conversation that I asked her, whether she has a community which full of male members. Well, since I’m still single and it seems hard to have some new male friends lately, so I asked that question. Haha. Besides, she told me yesterday that her sex life wasn’t good. Lol. 

After I asked that, she started to give me a lecture. She said that she doesn’t need a guy to complete her. She’s complete already. Content. And since I’m single (she’s a single mom, with a 7 yo daughter), I should do that, do this. Not only be happy, but to make my life is more useful to other, etc.

Well, I agreed with her, because I’m doing that all my life and I’m not going to stop it. It just I’m in this state of live, I have a good position in my office, had my graduate degree (in fact I’m thinking to take a doctoral degree), my job is to help other people from all over place in my country. The bottom line is I have everything that people wants in their lives (more or less 😂).

So every suggestions she told me, I’m doing it now and then. Been doing it a long time ago and even now. I’m so grateful of it. If she said that I have to feel content, is it wrong for me, if I have this dream, that I want to meet a guy, someone that I can share stories, etc? She said that I can share it with others too, not only to male friends. I agree with that, but I’m not sure whether she realized this or she’s only want to make me think that she’s above me, it’s really different to talk or share stories with family, friends and with a guy, someone special. 

I won’t deny it. I miss those times when I’m with my male friends. Being with someone who cares about me, hugs and kisses. 

And she said that even we can have sex with the same gender. Well, it’s depends on the sexual preference. If she likes the same gender, that’s ok. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need someone.

So I don’t think that if I want to have a male friend, it means that I’m not feel content with my life. I dunno.

What do you think? Could you please give me some comments if you read this? Thanks! 🙏


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