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Do you ever feel so empty?

You’re doing your routinity, everything is fine, but then, there’s come the time that you feel so empty.

I’m feeling so empty now.

I’m so busy with my daily routines, doing that, doing this. And after everything’s done, I felt so empty.

Gosh, with all my existences now, I shouldn’t feel empty. I should be happy. Everything is good in my life, except my love life 😂😂 But it usually doesn’t affect me.

Or is it because the moon? It’s so beautiful lately. Does it influence my feeling, so I feel so gloomy? 😂

Sometimes, I think this empty feeling is one of the reasons why people kill themselves. They just feel so empty, don’t know what to do, and have nobody to talk with. They can’t deal with it, so they choose the shortcut. Suicide.

I’m so grateful that though emptiness is always come in my life, but I still can survive.