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Miss you

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Once, when things didn’t happen like I want to, I told someone whom I really care about that I have to forget about him.

And now, I miss him so much. I can’t forget him. Well, it’s easy to say that, but hard to do.

I miss you, my scientist. I miss you, G. 😭


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Finding you.

I remembered that day, when you sent me this song. I like it! It seems that the song is representing our feelings. Two persons were acquainted, by an application thru cellphone. And somehow, we tried to find each other since that day. I have this wish, that I can meet you in person. I don’t know when, but I want to meet you.

Now, I have a chance to meet you. But it seems you can’t make it, to meet me. Well, perhaps you don’t want to meet me, or this is a bad time for me to meet you, or else. That’s OK.

I guess it’s time for me to forget everything. Forget about my wish. Forget about my feeling. And forget about you. But I will keep this song for me. Maybe, someday, I will find another you.