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Please stop it, terrorist! 

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Why did you do that?
Can you see that many people suffered because of your actions? 

Can we just live in peace, harmony? 

Gosh, I still can’t forget that day when there’s a bomb in Bali. I was there! In fact, I might become a victim. I used to go to that street on Saturday night, just to hear the loud music and crowds. But on that day, my little sister want to chat with me, so instead of hanging around there, I go to the Internet service. So I think her wish saved my life, though when we had a chat, suddenly the electricity shut off. And apparently there’s also a bomb nearby. 

I don’t know what happened at that night. I just went home, switched my phone off.

In the morning, I got so many texts from my parents, family. They asked where I was. And my dad told me about the bomb. I was so shocked. I watched TV. It’s really sad. Then after I had a Sunday service, I went to the hospital with my friends to help those victims. 

Do you want to know what I saw?

There are so many wounded victims. They got burnt all over their bodies. Many people are crying for their wounded and dead families.

And even it’s more breaking my heart when I volunteered in the morgue. It’s so sad. Many dead bodies, burnt. 

What the hell where they thinking? 

To kill people just like that? Don’t they have heart?

Then my job now. One of our focus is the victims of terrorism. 

Can you imagine how they’re suffered because of that stupid heartless actions?????

And for this last few days, many bombings happened in some countries, Thailand, United Kingdom. 

And even, last night, there were two bombs in my country. 3 polices were killed and 11 people were injured. 

Can you please stop it? Stop doing those bad things. Where is your heart? Are you happy for seeing people are suffering? To see tears from the victims’ family, fear from us?

Please stop it. Don’t do it anymore.

It’s enough. 


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