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Being an adult

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I guess being an adult is not easy.

Though my age is no longer young, but it’s still not easy for me to face things, especially bad things. 

When things don’t happen as I want, I try to accept it sincerely. But it comes time, when I felt so desperate of it. 

I can’t control my feelings. I couldn’t stop my tears. And those questions will always show up in my mind.

What’s wrong?  What happened? What should I do? Why? What next? All those questions are playing in my mind. 

Then I will try so hard to let everything happens. Not questioning it, just accept it. 

It’s hard, you know. 

Sometimes I think it’s better to become a child. Things aren’t so complicated. And they don’t think much like adults. It seems like they live only for the day.

Or perhaps, being an adult is not that difficult as I think of it. Perhaps it’s me, my thinking. 

Errr, I should think like a child, I guess. 😏


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